Rules Quiz

The following 30 situations are covered in the Official Little League Rules.
Try your skill, and let’s see if you and the ump would agree.

(Answers appear at the end)


  1. Fielder in making a catch has the ball ricochet off the glove and against the body where the fielder traps the ball with an arm. Is this a legal catch?
  2. Foul tip rebounds from catchers chest protector into catcher’s glove without falling to the ground. Is this a legal catch?
  3. Pitcher delivers an illegal pitch with no runners on base. Batter hits pitch and is thrown out at first base. Would this be a legal play?
  4. Decision made by an umpire is questioned by the manager. Following the game, manager decides to protest the decision. Would this be legal?
  5. Batter Squares around to bunt a pitch but does not move the bat toward the ball. Would this be a strike?
  6. Dropping the bat after hitting a pitch, the batter starts for first base. The bat hits the ball. Should the batter be declared out?
  7. Runner on the third leaves too soon, batter hits fly ball to outfield. Runner returns and tags up, then starts for home reaching there safely. Would this run score?
  8. Batter hits to infielder who throws wild in an attempt to retire batter at first. Ball hits coach and rebounds toward outfield, runner moving to third. Is this legal?
  9. Runner on second, batter hits fly ball which bounced from left fielder’s glove into the air and is caught by the center fielder before the ball touched the ground. Runner left second base when the ball touched the left fielder’s glove. An appeal was made because the runner left before the catch was made. Would this appeal be legal?
  10. Is it permissible for two infielders to change their positions if they retain their original batting order?
  11. Runner on second base advances to third base when a pitched ball gets by the catcher and strikes the umpire. Can this runner advance?
  12. Bases full, one out, batter bunts fly ball into the infield. Should umpire rule this an “infield fly”?
  13. Runner on first leaves too soon. Batter hits clean double into left field, scoring the runner. Should this run score?
  14. Batted ball first strikes in foul territory without touching a fence, player or equipment. Due to spin on the ball, it enters fair territory before passing first or third base. Would this be a fair ball?
  15. Batted ball hits third base then goes into foul territory. Should the umpire rule this a foul ball?
  16. Runners on first and third bases, two out. Batter hits to shortstop who throws runner out at second coming from first to end the inning. Runner from third crosses home plate before out is made at second. Should this run count?
  17. Bases full, runner on second left too soon, batter hit a triple. Can any run score?
  18. Pitcher standing on the pitching mound ready to pitch, batter decides to change to the opposite batter’s box before the pitch is delivered. Can this be done?
  19. Runners on second and third base. Runner on second decides to move to third placing two runners on third base. Is the runner who was originally on third base forced to move toward home?
  20. Infielder attempting to field a fair batted ball in the “base line” is interfered with by an advancing runner and is unable to field ball. Is runner declared out?
  21. Runner on first base, batted ball hit sharply hits runner before that runner could move toward second. Would runner be out?
  22. Runner on second base, batter set to bunt. Third baseman comes in to field the ball which goes past third baseman and strikes runner moving toward third. Is runner out?
  23. Batter hits to shortstop who makes a bad throw to the first baseman, ball rolling up the first baseman’s arm who traps it against his shoulder. In the meantime the batter- runner crosses first base. Would the runner be out?
  24. Batter receives a base-on-ball with a runner on first base. Runner in going to second, oversteps base and is tagged. Since the runner was entitled to second base, could that runner be called out on this play?
  25. Batter hits a fair ball which took an awkward bounce and hits the batter-runner as he passed by the ball. Would this be declared an out?
  26. Runner on first base starts for and steals second base. However, on the pitch the batter is hit while swinging at the pitch. Would the runner be allowed to remain at second base?
  27. Runner going from second to third base runs behind the shortstop, who is attempting to field a fair batted ball. Would the runner be declared out for running out of line?
  28. Catcher attempting to put a runner out at home stands in the third base line while not in possession of the ball. Runner slides but cannot reach home plate because the catcher is in the base line. Catcher subsequently fields the ball and tags runner. Is the runner declared out?
  29. Runner at first starts towards second on a batted ball but does not attempt to slide at base or avoid interference with infielders. Fielder makes the play at second but is blocked out from play at first by the runner. Are both the runner and batter-runner declared out?
  30. Batter squares to bunt, the pitcher then interrupts or stops pitching motion. Is this considered a ‘Balk’?


  1. – No… Rule 2.00 A Catch…
  2. – No… Rule 2.00 A Foul Tip…
  3. – No… Rule 8.02
  4. – No… Rule 4.19 (c)(1)
  5. – No… Rule 2.00 A Bunt (unless pitch was in the strike zone)
  6. – No… Rule 6.05 (h) Unless the umpire judges the action was intentional.
  7. – No… Rule 7.13 (b)
  8. – Yes… Rule 3.15
  9. – No… Rule 7.08(d)
  10. – Yes… Rule 3.08
  11. – Yes… Rule 2.00 Interference (c)
  12. – No… Rule 2.00 An Infield Fly…
  13. – No… Rule 7.13 (b)
  14. – Yes… Rule 2.00 A Fair Ball…
  15. – No… Rule 2.00 A Fair Ball…
  16. – No… Rule 4.09 Exceptions…
  17. – Yes… Rule 7.13 (three)
  18. – No… Rule 6.06(b) (batter’s out)
  19. – No… Rule 7.03
  20. – Yes… Rule 7.08 (b)
  21. – Yes… Rule 5.09 (f) (If batted ball was in fair territory, and runner off base)
  22. – No… Rule 5.09 (f) Note
  23. – No… Rule 2.00 A Catch…
  24. – Yes… Rule 7.08 (c)
  25. – Yes… Rule 7.08 (f)
  26. – No… Rule 6.08 (b)
  27. – No… Rule 7.08 (a)
  28. – No… Rule 2.00 Obstruction…
  29. – Yes… Rule 2.00 Interference…
  30. – No… Rule 2.00 A Balk… states “No Balks in LL Majors or Minors.”

In some cases, it can be considered an “illegal pitch”, and therefore called a “Ball” [Rule 8.05(a)].