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Parent Feedback – Manager/Coach Selection

As directed by the rules that govern Little League Baseball and Softball, Marysville Little League offers no tenure to Managers and Coaches. Each year, potential Managers must re-apply for positions at every level from T-Ball to Big League.

Each applicant is screened by the Washington State Patrol, approved by the Board of Directors, and is ultimately chosen by the League President. Depending upon the level at which they are applying, many applicants must submit to an interview by a Board appointed Selection Committee, to assess their abilities and intentions.

Aside from historical familiarity with an individual, another part of the screening process is the feedback from the parents of current and former players of the potential Manager/Coach. In this area, too often only those with general or specific complaints/issues with the individual are heard from. Where many Managers/Coaches do not get enough support and/or recognition, are from those families who have had a favorable experience, and with whom the individual became more than just ‘Coach’.

As the President of Marysville Little League, I am asking you to take a few minutes from your busy lives to drop me a line. Your feedback is important and is a critical part of the process.

Specifically what I’d like to see are comments about the individual in the areas of…

Knowledge of the Game, Skills Development, Sportsmanship, Fair Play, Dedication, Discipline, Communication, and General Attitude towards the kids, parents, umpires and opposing teams/coaches. The strength of an applicant in these key areas are important in encouraging or allowing the applicant future opportunities as a Manager in Marysville Little League.

Once again, I encourage you to be objective, and to share your family’s experience with these important individuals in the lives of our children.

I Thank You in advance for your time and well thought-out contribution.