Marysville Little League Baseball and Softball

Marysville Little League Baseball and Softball

What is Marysville Little League?

Marysville Little League (MLL) is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization affiliated with the national Little League Baseball, Inc. MLL and all other Little Leagues exist for the benefit of kids to let them have fun, to teach them baseball and softball fundamentals, and to show them teamwork and competition. The playing rules and regulations are established by Little League Baseball, Inc., as supplemented by the local rules and policies of MLL itself.

How Old is Marysville Little League?

Marysville Little League was formed in 1951. It celebrated its 50th year of operation in 2001.

How Young Can a Child Be?

A child must be at least five years old (league age) to be a MLL player. Five-year-olds play T-Ball.

When is Someone Too Old to Play in the MLL?

Eighteen years of age is the oldest that players can be. They would be playing in the Big League division.

How is a Player’s Age Determined?

League age is the age of a player as determined on the 31st of July of the current year. For example, a child who was born August 4, 1988 is league age 11 in the year 2000.

How Does MLL Know How Old My Child is?

Proof of age is shown at the time of registration. A copy of the child’s official state-issued birth certificate must be shown unless the database that MLL has created shows that the birth certificate was previously shown. The database was created in 1997, so anyone who was a MLL player before then who is coming back to play would have to bring a copy of his or her birth certificate to registration. (Also, if a mistake was made in putting the information into the computer in 1997 or afterwards, such that the database doesn’t indicate that a birth certificate was ever presented, it would have to be brought one more time.)

We are not allowed by Little League Baseball, Inc. to accept hospital foot-print birth certificates.

If you do not have a copy of your child’s birth certificate, and he or she was born anywhere in the State of Washington, a birth certificate can be obtained on the spot by going to the Snohomish County Health District, Rucker Building, room 102, 3020 Rucker Avenue, Everett, Washington 98201. Currently, the fee for the certified copy is $13.00.

If you have to apply to another state to get your child’s birth certificate, please do so at least a month before registration (by the beginning of December) to make sure that it will be received before registration is over.

Can Anyone Play in the MLL?

Only youth who live inside the Marysville School District boundaries can play in the Marysville Little League. Because the Marysville School District is larger than the City of Marysville, including parts of other cities, such as Arlington, Everett, and Lake Stevens, there are players in the MLL who do not live in Marysville. At the same time, because some portions of the City of Marysville are not within the Marysville School District some kids who live in the City of Marysville cannot play in the MLL.

The school that a child attends does not matter. There are many kids who go to Marysville schools who live outside the Marysville School District. While school policy allows this, national Little League policy does not. Again, what is controlling is where a child lives.

Like most rules, there are exceptions.

Does It Matter Where You Live in the School District?

Marysville Little League is actually two leagues: Marysville American Little League (also known as the North league) and Marysville National Little League (also known as the South league). Where a child lives determines in which of these two leagues he or she will play. A youth who lives within the boundaries of the Marysville American Little League must play on an American team. Likewise, a child who lives inside the Marysville National Little League limits must play on a National team.

Generally, the dividing line between the two leagues is 88th Street N.E. and 84th Street N.E. (Getchell Hill Road). Those people who live north of this line are in the American (North) League. Those who live south of this line are in the National (South) League. Previously, those who lived on the Tulalip Reservation were in the National League. Starting in the 1999-2000 season the Reservation is divided.

When is Registration?

Registration typically begins around mid-January and goes to the end of January or the beginning of February. Usually there are 2 – 3 Saturdays when a parent can register his or her child, as well as 1 – 2 evenings during the work week. The exact dates can be found at the places listed below, and other places, such as reader boards around town.

Where is Registration?

In the last several years registration has taken place in one of the Marysville public schools. The last three years it occurred at Cedarcrest School. In January look for the location at one of the places below.

What Do I Bring to Registration?

Proof that your child lives in the Marysville School District, such as a parent’s drivers license, utility bill, etc.

Copy of a government-issued birth certificate (NOT a hospital birth certificate with footprints) if the player is registering for the first time, if the player played in the League in 1996 or before, or if the League’s database does not show that a birth certificate has ever been seen.

You should also bring the best baseball bats of 2019 when Registration as well as other equipment necessary for baseball and softball.

What is a Cedar Burger?

A Cedar burger is the mouth-watering hamburger, with grilled onions if you want it, and with double meat and double cheese if you want it, that is prepared at the concession stand at Cedar Field (Rudy Wright Memorial Field). The Cedar burgers are so good that people have been known to come down all the way from Mount Vernon to eat them.

Games are normally held Monday through Friday in the evenings at Cedar Field, and during the day on Saturday. So long as there are people working in the concession stand that have food handlers cards you will be able to enjoy a Cedar burger or two.

Which are the drop bats use in leagues?

We encourage you to use the drop 3 and drop 5 baseball bats in our leagues. addition in necessary cases you can also drop 8 and drop 10 bats.

How Many Concession Stands Does the League Have?

The League has four concession stands, at Rudy Wright Memorial Field (Cedar Field), Asbery Field (by the Junior High School), at Cedarcrest School, and at the Middle School.

The only concession stand with a grill is the one at Cedar Field. It is the only one of the four stands which meets the Snohomish County Health District’s high risk regulations, so hamburgers (not just any hamburgers — Cedar burgers) can only be sold there.

The Cedar Field concession stand is also famous for its strawberry shortcake during the annual Strawberry Tournament that the League hosts in early June.

All parents of players who play at a field served by a concession stand are expected to help out in the stand for at least one game (2-3 hours),

All parents are encouraged to obtain a food handlers card so that they can work with popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, chili, hamburgers, and strawberry shortcake. Those without a food handlers card can still sell candy, pop, and coffee.

The League makes it easy for parents and players 13-years-old and older to get a card by arranging with the Snohomish County Health Department to hold an evening class in Marysville. If you are unable to attend that class you can call the Health District at (425) 339-5260 to find out about other classes that the Health District is holding. The League will pay the fee for the card if you work in a stand.

What are All-Stars?

All-Star teams are baseball and softball teams which represent Marysville Little League in post-season tournament play against teams from the other leagues in District One. The divisions which have All-Star teams are the Rookies, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors. Winners of the District tournaments go on to play in the Washington State tournaments. Winners of the Washington State tournaments for the Majors, Juniors, and Seniors teams go on to Regionals. If a Majors, Juniors, or Seniors team keeps on winning it will make it to the World Series.

In 1986 the Marysville Little League Baseball Majors team lost in the championship game at Regionals; otherwise they would have been in the World Series. Two Marysville Little League Softball Majors teams have played in the World Series, placing second each time, once in 1989 and again in 1993!!!!!

See the local standing rules to learn how players are selected to be on the All-Star teams.

Players on the All-Star teams must be available by mid-June to at least the end of July. Should any All-Star team win the State tournament, the team members would need to be available for the Regionals (and hopefully the World Series) in August. Players are expected to be at all practices and all games, which will have priority over all other sports and activities. Three to six practices are held a week for one to three weeks before tournament play starts.

Does the League Hold Any Tournaments?

Yes. In mid-June the League holds its own Strawberry Tournament. All the other tournaments are District One tournaments. District One decides which leagues in the district hold what tournaments, if any. In early June, District One has its Tournaments of Champions, where the first place teams in a division play each other. Marysville Little League has held one of these tournaments for several years. After the Strawberry Tournament, the All*Star tournaments start. The League has held one of those tournaments for many years as well. These tournaments are held at Rudy Wright Memorial Field (Cedar Field).